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Assistant Ministers of Justice and Public Administration, Ljiljana Blagojević and Čedomir Backović, and the Director of the Directorate for Management of Seized Assets, Biljana Pavlović visited Berlin from 13 to 16 March 2013 where they took part in seminar - the role of civil law notaries in the support of legal systems.

The seminar was held in the form of four Panel discussions where the main subject was notary system in participating countries and assumption of measures for prevention of illicit work of notaries. Further on, in the framework of the fourth panel, lectures on mortgage were organized i.e. on the role and authorizations of notaries in that procedure, on possible challenges notaries face in performing their work – particularly on so called “identity theft”, as well as on transfer of moveable property.

At the end of the discussion, conclusions were made and the Republic of Serbia was offered further support in improving notary public profession.

Representatives of 25 countries attended the seminar, and Assistant Minister Čedomir Backović spoke on the behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of the Republic of Serbia.

The visit of the representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of the Republic of Serbia was organised by TAIEX department of the Directorate-General of the European Commission for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy.