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Judicial Training Center is a clear, explicit and certain way how a Bachelor of Laws can become a judge or an assistant prosecutor, stated Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selaković today at the beginning of the final exam for the first generation students at the Judicial Training Center. The final exam is held on 4th and 5th February 2013 at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade.

Minister Selaković stated that taking final exam was a historic event for Serbian judiciary system, adding that, at this place where legal training for future prosecutors and judges begins, he was also attending the end of the formal part of their education. “I say formal because a good judge and a good prosecutor learn, improve and upgrade their knowledge throughout their professional careers, and some of them even after their professional career is over”, said Selaković. He stated that the path of institutional development was a priority for Serbian Government, but also that the hoped that would remain the priority of each future Government.

“Judicial Training Center is something we can safely say is definite future for Serbian judiciary system and something we should all strengthen, develop, support and assist in all its future success”, stated the Minister of Justice and Public Administration, adding that the institution of the Judicial Training Center is one of the things that can make Serbia hold its head up and walk proudly and confidently on the road of European integration, this being the road of the development, strengthening and support for institutions.

Finally, the Minister invited all those completing their training at the Judicial Training Center today to encourage each future generation, to keep together with those who were yet to pass through the Center, and said that it was up to the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as well as to the High Judicial Council and the State Prosecutors’ Council, to make sure that each year there was more and more young, best Bachelors of Laws who have passed the Bar Examination, and who wish, and can see themselves as a part of Serbian judiciary system, to enroll the Judicial Training Center.