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Today, the Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selaković held a meeting with the Ambassador of Germany to Serbia, His Excellency Mr. Heinz Wilhelm, where results of previous work were presented, as well as future steps of the Ministry for improvement of the judicial system in Serbia.

Minister Selaković pointed to the German Ambassador the main shortcomings of Serbian judiciary, noting that the main consequences of this system were taken by the citizens of Serbia. He acquainted Mr. Wilhelm with the results of five working groups that made amendments of more than ten judicial laws. In this regard, Minister Selaković stressed out that all relevant international institutions, professionals and citizens themselves had access to the work of the groups, but also an opportunity to submit their comments, in order to comprehensively find the best solutions.

"Amendments to the laws should be aligned with European standards, but above all, they need to be adapted to the mentality of our people and the functioning conditions of our country," said Selaković.

The German Ambassador stressed the importance of efficient functioning of the judicial network in Serbia, stating that the efficiency depended not only on number of courts, but also on number of judges. He praised the fact that the fight against corruption was a priority objective of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, and the entire Government of Serbia, and expressed the willingness of Germany to contribute to the fight through exchange of experiences.

The Minister emphasized that creation of three National Strategies, including the National Strategy for Combating Corruption, are underway. "There is a strong political will of the Government of Serbia for uncompromised fight against corruption. With the new strategy we build strong and efficient mechanisms for combating systemic corruption," said Minister Selaković.