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Government Approves Action Plan for Resolving Redundancy Problem in the Judiciary and Model Incentive Scheme for Employees of the Judiciary - Thursday, 29 November 2007


The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, the Union of Employees of the Judiciary of Serbia and the Union of Organisations of the Judicial Authorities of the Republic of Serbia have prepared an action plan for resolving the redundancy problem whose aim is implementing rationalisation of the judiciary, and a model of incentives for employees of those authorities for their performance, which were approved by the Government of the Republic of Serbia at a meeting held today.

The Action Plan determines criteria for reducing the number of employees in the judiciary and the effects of the social programme.

The deadline for realising the programme for resolving the redundancy problem is 31 December 2007, while the application deadline for voluntary redundancy is 14 December 2007. Severance payments for employees and officials who accept the social programme will be made in January 2008. Based on the effects of the implementation of the programme, from February to December 2008 monthly incentives will be paid out to employees depending on the workload of administrative staff in the judiciary.