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Minister of Justice, Nikola Selakovic together with Director of the Serbian European Integration Office, Milan Pajevic and delegation of the Parliamentary Committee for the European Integration, participated yesterday at 7th inter-parliamentary meeting of the European Parliament on the fight against corruption, judicial reform and perspectives for further European integration process.

During two-day meeting, Selakovic talked about general situation in Serbia with special references to judicial reform and fight against organized crime and corruption.

After presentation during the session of inter-parliamentary dialogue between Serbia and the EU in the European Parliament, minister Selakovic presented to the members previous work results as well as future steps of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration on improving the state in the Serbian judicial system.

“Ministry of Justice and Public Administration has taken necessary measures to establish efficient and independent judiciary and increase citizens’ access to justice", Selakovic said and added “adoption of new strategic framework for judicial reform will put us on the road of systemic strengthening of the rule of law and legal security, and consistency in reform implementation will bring required strengthening of judicial institution.”

After the meeting, minister Nikola Selakovic said that the European Parliament welcomed the commitment to judicial reform because it is of crucial importance for progress of the Serbian society in the European integration process but also for the Serbian society itself in those segments where every citizen of Serbia can feel it. “Judicial reform is nohow a field for improvisation and it requires one arranged systemic and systematic approach”, Selakovic concluded.