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Minister for Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selaković met with the World Bank representatives comprising Loup Brefort, Country Manager for Serbia, and Edgardo Moskqueira, Senior Public Sector Specialist and Team Leader from Washington. The meeting focused on improving cooperation and the World Bank’s future assistance under the Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

Minister Selaković thanked the World Bank for its cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration and for its commitment to the projects that help improve the Serbian judiciary. Selaković reported that the Ministry’s working groups had completed two national strategies – one for judicial reform and an anti-corruption one – and that related action plans were soon to follow. Minister emphasised that the actions plans had to contain specific measures and procedures of realisation of the objectives set in the strategies, and precisely define monitoring tools to observe the effect and degree of realisation of those objectives in practice.

The World Bank representatives said they were ready to support the production of action plans, primarily concerning their financial effect on justice system and defining the strategy implementation indicators. They also encouraged the efforts of the Ministry in the domain of free legal aid and commended the plans concerning law adoption in that field.