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The Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selaković visited today the court unit in Raška and on that occasion announced that instead of the court unit Raška will have a basic court, as well as a basic prosecutor's office, because it fulfils the necessary conditions and criteria set by the working group of the Ministry of Justice for establishing the basic court network in Serbia.

“The Raška unit of the Kraljevo Basic Court fulfils all necessary criteria set by the working group for establishing the basic court network in Serbia to have a court instead of a court unit.”, said the Minister of Justice and Public Administration during today's visit to Raška.

The Minister pointed out that the fundamental criteria for a town to have a basic court are the number of cases, case inflow, and backlog of old cases, and the court unit in Raška fulfils all those conditions.

“For Raška this is important for many reasons – the first is the territory it covers, the second is the fact that this is a mountainous area that is very far from the Kraljevo Basic Court, and people need two to three hours to come to Raška and then one and a half to two hours to reach Kraljevo by bus”, said Minister Selaković and added that those conditions significantly hinder access to justice for the citizens of the municipality of Raška.

The Minister stated that the building of the former Municipal Court in Raška and the entire court infrastructure in general is still well preserved, but it is not big enough for the judges who will work there if the Assembly adopts the proposed Law on Court Network and bring the basic court back to Raška. “It is up to the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, in cooperation with local governments to find the best possible solution to create the necessary working conditions for this court, and for the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office which should return as well”, Selaković pointed out, and added that the same building is also used today by the Misdemeanour Court in Raška.