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The Second Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review of the human rights in Serbia for the period 2008-2012 was completed in Geneva on 1 February. The Serbian delegation, headed by Gordana Stamenić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, participated in the three-hour interactive dialogue with the UN Human Rights Council. Members of the delegation were asked questions and given recommendations by representatives from 69 states.

It was concluded that Serbia had made concrete steps in the previous four years concerning protection and promotion of human rights on all levels. The Human Rights Council commended the adoption of a number of laws, strategies, protocols, which improved intersectoral cooperation and also the continued work on building institutions dealing with human rights protection.

Achievements of results concerning improvement of children’s rights, gender equality, and social integration of persons with disabilities were particularly commended. The progress of Serbia in improving rights of national minorities, education, status of legally invisible persons, refugees and internally displaced persons, and protection of human trafficking victims, was recognised.

The Human Rights Council gave recommendations to Serbia which need to be fulfilled by the beginning of the Third Cycle of the Universal Periodical Review that will take place in 2016. The recommendations relate to strengthening the enforcement of passed laws, social cohesion and greater promotion of tolerance and equality for all marginalised groups in achieving their human rights.

The Republic of Serbia supports most of the recommendations and competent authorities will take measures within their jurisdiction to realise them so that the achieved level of respect for human rights can be further improved.