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Assistant minister of justice and public administration, Ljiljana Blagojevic on 12 March attended the first of five planned workshops within the project of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration on e-justice “Consultant services for elaboration of ICT strategy and implementation of development plan in the Serbian judiciary” which is implemented under MDTF fund administered by the office of the World Bank in Belgrade. The workshop was held in the Judicial Academy and the subject of the first workshop was "Applications supporting key judicial processes" and "Other applications".

Besides representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, the workshop welcomed representatives of the High Judicial Council, State Prosecutorial Council, Supreme Court of Cassation, Republican Public Prosecution, appellate courts and public prosecutions, Judicial Academy as well as representatives of partner international organizations (USAID, JRGA etc.) 

The project is in its final stage when it should define a comprehensive ICT strategy and specific ICT activities for justice sector. The ICT Strategy will establish main development activities for this sector for the following five years. The rest of workshops will deal with “hardware surrounding”, “ICT organization and staff” and “ICT operations and security”.

During the final stage of ICT strategy planning, a consistent and comprehensive implementation plan will be prepared. Implementation of a great number of strategic activities in the field of e-justice requires careful planning and their layout which can be achieved only with participation of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration and judicial institution included in this project.